Kawaii Threats
totallyradbutsad16 SENT: Good lord marrie me god your blog is the most fucking adorablest blog ive ever seen! I love it!

totallyradbutsad16 SENT: Omg omg duuddee i love your blog soo much i wanna marrie it!

I’m confused because we just gained 100 followers in 24 hours

Anonymous SENT: can i use one of your pictures in my sidebar or as my header on mobile? of course i'll give you credit!!!! :) xo


dammit-micki SENT: Love your blog. Hey can u make some that say "I'd fake an orgasm for you" and "I love you just as much as all my other prison bitches". I want to send them to all my friends on Valentine's day.

Yeah I’ll make them soon

rad-bubble-gum SENT: I fucking love your blog!! its perfect <3!! kisses